Sleep Measures

What is Actiwatch?
A non-invasive method of monitoring human rest/activity cycles and light.

Where and how do I wear it?

You will wear your actiwatch snugly on your non-dominant wrist.

Can I take it off?
To best help with our study we ask you to wear the watch for as much of the 24 hours in the day as you can. Some exceptions when you can take off the watch are:
-When entering a salt water environment
-When taking part in possibly rough activity (i.e. playing football)
-You CAN shower/swim/bath with the watch on but is optional to take off the watch to do so.

If the actiwatch is removed please make sure to put it back on ASAP

If the actiwatch is removed remember to mark the time it was taken off and mark the time it was put back on — this will also be recorded in your sleep diary

Event marking:
To mark an event (such as taking off the watch), press & hold the left button for 3 seconds — an animated pattern will appear on the display indicating that your event has been recorded.
Press the event marker button right before you go to sleep an as soon as you get out of bed.


What is the Sleep Diary?

A daily log where you will complete questions about your sleep from the previous night.

How long will it take?
About 5-10 minutes to complete.

Access options:
Text SMS messages
Email message

Once in the morning & once in the evening
You will pick specific reminder notification times 


What to bring with you
If you wear glasses and/or contact lenses, please bring both with you.
Bring your WePay card if you already have one.

What to wear
Clothing: wear non-metallic and non-magnetic clothing (no zippers, metal buttons, shirts with decals, etc.). If necessary we will provide hospital scrubs for your child to wear during the scan.
Female subjects: please wear a sports bra or a bra without an underwire.
Hair: please do not wear any removable artificial hair extensions or any other artificial hair enhancement products to your visit.
Jewelry: please remove all body jewelry and piercings..
Makeup: please refrain from wearing make-up or lotions with glitter..
Use of drugs and/or alcohol.
Any illicit substances/alcohol will be detected by the drug screen and we will be unable to complete the procedures. Many have a long half life and can still be detected for many days after use.

If you will be driving to your appointment, parking will be at no cost. Please park in the Presbyterian Hospital Garage. Enter the garage on 255 Lothrop Street. You may park yourself or use the valet. However, if you use the valet you will be responsible for tipping him or her. Take your ticket with you to the appointment and we will validate it.

Bus transportation
If you use the Pittsburgh Public Transportation services to attend your visit, we will reimburse your travel expenses with bus tickets.